November 2005: Gargoyle Porn Stars

Design the Perfect Gargoyles Porn Star Include name, some basic personal info, and show them in action.

(Please note the characters submitted for this contest are not intended to replace Eva and Fiore. Also, the mascot pic is not implying that you should construct your porn star from the stitched-together remains of other porn stars. Unless you just want to)

Mascot image by Shinigami

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Title: Bondage Betty
Artist: The Sadistic Cow
Her name is Betty. She's into bondage. Tie her to the floor, hang her from the ceiling, twist her back and around in any way you want; she loves it. Here we see her posing for an unnamed porn magazine company, and she's enjoying every aching second of it.
There you have it: Bondage Betty.

12 7
Title: Emerald
Artist: Shinigami [57UD10 07H3R]
Likes: Supporting enviormental and social programs. World peace. Frito-Lay potato chips.

Dislikes: Economical globilization, discrimination, WalMart, Pomegrates.

Specializes in: Interracial/Interspecies Gangbangs, Bukkake.

History: Emerald prefers to keep her origins quiet- but will say that her life changed forever when visited by three strange gargoyles and a human on something called a "World Tour".

Inspired by them, she followed them to Avalon. From there she embarked on a World Tour of her own- and soon decided that the best way to foster feelings of love between the warring tribes of mankind and of her own kind- was to love all of them- publically.

Think Green. Think Global. Act Sexy.
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Title: Scarlet
Artist: Nero
Scarlet is a charcter I created quite some time ago specificaly for AMGC and who I thought fit the bill perfectly for this entry.

This picture actually started life as an idea for a previous contest that never made it beyond a rough sketch, and which I recomposed and redrew as something less tastefull and more appropriate

- Scarlet has spent most of her 44 years moving quietly between the remote islands of the South Pacific, and only recently set up permanent, and open, residence in the American Hawiian islands. Best known in her home islands as a competitive longboarder (in her own catagory), her actual trade is in adult entertainment, for which she discovered that she had a surprising talent. Compared to herself, Scarlet finds most humans to be prudish, neurotic, and amusingly repressed.

20 13
Title: Rose Granite
Artist: Draggah
Named for the stone she becomes during the day. Rose always knew she was destined for different things. Separated from the clan during a bizarre plane accident, Rose found herself stranded and alone in the California night. Far from helpless, Rose soon found that her unique features could be easily exploited for her own profit. Rose now enjoys a life of leisure,someday she may even get around to tracking down her lost clan.
8 11
Title: Magica & Adonis
Artist: Tribun [Tribun's Gargoyles Page]
They are maybe one of the sexiest duos ever seen on the stage!

Magica, the world's first nudist sorceress, and her partner Adonis, the male gargoyle with the "Magic Wand". Their show is a smash hit all over the country. In every of the six acts will see Magica doing her best to arouse everyone with her magic, which is powered by lust, causing Adonias to lose a item of his clothing at the end of each act.

Until the last one, where he will ask:

"Do you want to see the one true Magic Wand?"

And of course no one denies it, because after doing all this magic, Magica really needs release all the stored lust! Enter Adonis and his magic wand!

Additional Entry:
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Title: The Glory of Amateur
Artist: Revel [The Inside]
What's a good way for hard working, hard protecting gargoyles to make a
little extra cash on the side? Some good old Amateur porn videos.

Jerry and Gloria are usually a shy couple, but get them in the right
situation and a camera and watch them go at it like bunnies.

Where there is a market there is money and Jerry will tell you, "Protecting
is good for the soul, but money pays the bills."

Guest Camera man: Mercutio
6 5
Title: Melina
Artist: Damiano
Her name's Melina, and she would like to be a new pornstar. At the moment there's only one film with her: " Dont cum outside me!".
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